Satellite Image Data

IKONOS Satellite Image Data

IKONOS 800mm Resolution Satellite Image Data Delivers An Extremely High Level Of Detail

IKONOS Satellite Image Data

High Resolution Multispectral Satellite Image Data

The IKONOS Satellite Sensor is a High Resolution Satellite. Its capabilities include capturing a 3.2m Multispectral, Near Infrared (NIR) 0.82m Panchromatic Resolution at nadir. Its applications include both Urban and Rural Mapping of Natural Resources and of Natural Disasters, Tax Mapping, Agriculture and Forestry Analysis, Mining, Engineering, Construction, and Change Detection. It can yield relevant Data for nearly all aspects of Environmental Study.

Its High Resolution Data makes an integral contribution to Homeland Security, Coastal Monitoring and facilitates 3D Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs).

When requesting a Quotation for IKONOS 800mm Resolution Satellite Image Data, please always send us the Coordinates or Shapefile in Geographic Latitude / Longitude: Decimal Degrees or Degrees Minutes and Seconds of your Area of Interest; once we have this information we will then send you a Detailed Quotation.

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