Spectral Analysis

Detecting and Mapping of Low and High Concentrations of Minerals

Target Detection and Material Mapping Processes

Geoscientific Mineral Resources has spent the last 24 Years of Operation refining various Spectral Analysis processes and these are used for the Locality Detection of all Types of Minerals.

The Spectral Analysis process relies on an Input Satellite Image that has to contain Near Infrared Bands and in some cases, Shortwave Infrared Bands.

The Spectral Analysis process then ‘Searches’ the Image Pixels for Specific Target Minerals that are suspected to be present within the Area of Interest in Low Concentrations or High Concentrations.

As an example, if we do a Spectral Analysis for Gold Deposits then our Input or ‘Search’ Minerals are Arsenopyrite, Auricupride, Chalcocite, Chalcopyrite, Galena, Pyrite, Pyrrhotite, Quartz and Sphalerite.

The Output Layers or Spectral Analysis Results are then Overlayed above a Normal Colour Satellite Image Dataset which has the same Resolution as the Analysis Image.

The Output Data is supplied in both Digital Format as well as A1 Print Media Format and the Spectral Signatures are then used infield to reduce unnecessary Exploration and aid the user in defining Targets for Soil Sampling as well as Exploration using Drilling or Excavator Sampling.

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