Satellite Image Data

Spot 6/7 Satellite Image Data

Spot 6/7 1.5m Resolution Satellite Image Data 

Spot 6/7 Satellite Image Data

High Resolution Multispectral Satellite Image Data

The first ‘twins’ in the Spot family, Spot 6 and Spot 7, are 180-degree phased, enabling a revisit at least once a day for any point on Earth.

This new generation of Optical Satellites features Technological Improvements and Advanced System Performance that increase Reactivity and Acquisition Capacity, as well as simplifying Data Access.

Spot 6/7 deliver 1.5m High Resolution Products with Five Spectral Bands (Pan/R/G/B/NIR), fully superimposed, as they are always Acquired Simultaneously.

Standard Products are delivered Application-Ready: Pan-Sharpened and Orthorectified Imagery in Natural Colour. Individual per-AOI-ordering and North - South Acquisitions secure easy Data Handling.

When requesting a Quotation for SPOT 6/7 1.5m Resolution Satellite Image Data, please always send us the Coordinates or Shapefile in Geographic Latitude / Longitude: Decimal Degrees or Degrees Minutes and Seconds of your Area of Interest; once we have this information we will then send you a Detailed Quotation.

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