Satellite Image Data

Landsat Satellite Image Data

Landsat 15m Resolution Satellite Image Data

Landsat Satellite Image Data

The Landsat missions constitute the longest continuous record of Earth Observation.

The Landsat 15m Resolution Satellites are comprised of Landsat 5 TM Satellite Image Data, Landsat 7 ETM Satellite Image Data as well as Landsat 8 LDCM Satellite Image Data.

All Landsat 5 TM, Landsat 7 ETM and Landsat 8 LDCM Datasets are supplied as complete ‘GIS Ready’ Multispectral Images as well as ‘Three Band Format Images’ which include: Color (Bands 3/2/1), False Color Infrared (Bands 4/3/2), Thermal Infrared (Bands 6/3/2), Shortwave Infrared (Bands 7/4/2) and Visible and Infrared (Bands 4/5/3).

Landsat Satellite Image Data can be ordered as Single Images or as a Country Database.

When requesting a Quotation for LANDSAT 15m Resolution Satellite Image Data, please always send us the Coordinates or Shapefile in Geographic Latitude / Longitude: Decimal Degrees or Degrees Minutes and Seconds of your Area of Interest; once we have this information we will then send you a Detailed Quotation.

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